Technopol Mix 052 | Lolita

Lolalita is an Antwerp based DJ who is part of the all-female rave collective Burenhinder. She brings a dynamic play of high speed music that lingers between energy, violence and melancholia. Lolalita has left her mark on stages of iconic events like Tomorrowland, Love Parade Berlin, Dour, Pukkelpop, and many more leading festivals and clubs. Brace yourself for a fast, dark and sweaty set.


Can you tell us about your first encounters with electronic music?

My first encounter with electronic music stemmed from a hobby I pursued as a child, playing the piano. I had been taking classical piano lessons and was given an electric piano for practice at home. However, it wasn’t long before I stumbled upon the piano’s sequencer and the built-in samples and saw the possibilities behind all the nobs.

My true passion for electronic music didn’t surface until my teenage years, and it happened on a night that was entirely unplanned. I found myself in a techno club, with no prior intention of being there, but that one night changed a lot for me. In a way, it felt like a protest against the mainstream club nights of that era, where status took precedence. Now, the focus had entirely shifted to the music and the sense of togetherness.


Who are the artists who have inspired your career?

It wasn’t until later in my deejay career that I learned about Liza N’ Eliaz. As a transgender woman, Liza ‘N’ Eliaz became a powerful symbol of identity and representation within the music industry, showing that diversity and authenticity are not just welcomed but celebrated. Beyond her personal journey, Liza ‘N’ Eliaz played a vital role in the birth of hardcore, collaborating with influential artists and shaping the genre. Her story isn’t just about music; it’s about challenging stereotypes, breaking limits, and embracing diversity. As the “Queen of Terror,” her enduring legacy continues to inspire me as a DJ. I’m proud to be part of an all-female collective that honors artists like her.


You’re part of the burenhinder collective. Can you tell us more about your crew and the values they stand for?

Burenhinder is an all-female* collective that provides a platform for FLINTA+ artists, dedicated to supporting and elevating marginalized voices in the music industry. We strive to create safe(r) and inclusive spaces.
* Neighborshinder uses an inclusive definition of the word woman and is happy to welcome trans, queer, intersex, trans and non-binary individuals behind the decks.


What have you prepared for this podcast? Can you tell us a bit about your selection?

I thrive on tracks that tickle my mind, which is why I resist confining myself to a specific genre as a DJ. It could be anything, as long as it resonates with the vibe I aim to create. Normally I play a blend of hard techno and hardcore but lately (mostly this summer), I’ve been diving deep into the world of hardstyle. My selection for this podcast is all about blending these genres – a fusion of hard techno, hardstyle and hardcore, with a touch of psytrance influence. You can expect to hear heavy kicks, reversed bass, all while maintaining a melodic and energetic sound that keeps the vibe alive.


Peak time or closing? And why?

Closing an event? That’s where the magic happens for me. It’s not like the peak time – it’s different. When you’re on at the end, the crowd knows the party’s almost over, and they’ve got just that one last hour to go all out. It’s like a grand finale. I’m stoked that I get to close about 90% of the time. The ‘graveyard shift,’ as they call it, has a special place in my heart. It’s where the real connection and energy kick in.


What plans do you have for the future?

When I’m on stage, the energy I receive from the audience feels like a battery recharge that fuels me for the entire week. I look forward to enjoying this journey as much as I do today, meeting remarkable artists and people, and exploring new places as I travel. I’m excited to take on fresh and exciting projects in the coming years. Besides music, I am also active as a designer within fashiontech and 3D design. In the future I hope to find a pleasant balance between the two.

I’m eager to host more events alongside the Burenhinder collective these coming years. For me, the size of these events doesn’t necessarily need to surpass our previous events. Maintaining that intimate sense of community is what I value most.

I hope that we all remain critical thinkers, unafraid to tackle the shortcomings within the current event scene. We should all contribute to more inclusive lineups, fostering environments where people feel safer, more comfortable and welcome.

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